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Mindflow Certification Program

Welcome to the Mindflow Certification Program !

Unlock the Potential of IT and Cyber Automation.

Step into the future of automation with the Mindflow Certification Program. From building basic automation playbooks to becoming a seasoned automation expert, our certification levels cater to all skill sets.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional qualifications, increase efficiency in your organization, or simply explore the vast possibilities of IT and cyber task automation, our program is your gateway to success. Embrace the opportunity to learn, innovate, and lead in the ever-evolving world of automation with Mindflow.

Start your journey today and become a certified automation specialist!

Certification levels

Badge L1


Mindflow Orchestrator

This program is your first step towards mastering the art of automation playbooks. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this certification is designed to enhance your skills and understanding of the Mindflow platform.

Training Session

Duration: A compact yet comprehensive 1-hour bootcamp.

Approach: Interactive and practical, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience.

What Will You Learn?

Build Your First Automation Playbook:
Get hands-on experience in crafting effective automation workflows.

Understand the Mindflow Platform:
Learn the ins and outs of our intuitive platform and how it can streamline your processes.

API Integration Basics:
Discover the essentials of integrating APIs to maximize the functionality of your automations.

Assessment and Outcome

Task: Successfully build a phishing flow during the bootcamp.

Result: Upon completion, you’ll be fully equipped to create your own automation flows using Mindflow, bringing efficiency and innovation to your tasks.

Who Is This For?

This certification is ideal for everyone – from first-time users of automation tools to partners looking to deepen their understanding of Mindflow’s capabilities. It’s an opportunity to boost your skills and become an integral part of the automation community.

Bagde L2


Mindflow Solution Expert

This program is designed for individuals who are ready to articulate the benefits of the Mindflow platform effectively and showcase its diverse applications. Ideal for partners, this certification gears you towards confidently representing and selling Mindflow solutions.

Training Session

Duration: A focused yet extensive 1-hour training session.

Approach: A mix of theoretical insights and practical application, aiming to build both knowledge and presentation skills.


Completion of Level 1 certification.

What Will You Learn?

Advanced Platform Knowledge: Delve deeper into the functionalities of Mindflow, gaining a more comprehensive understanding.

Sales Pitch Development: Acquire skills to construct and deliver persuasive sales presentations that highlight Mindflow’s benefits.

Demonstration Techniques: Learn to demonstrate Mindflow in action, using relevant use cases.

Use Case Proficiency: Gain insights into various use cases, enhancing your ability to address specific client scenarios.

Assessment and Outcome

Task: Deliver a sales pitch with an emphasis on a selected use case, coupled with a short demonstration of the tool.

Result: On successful completion, you will be ready to effectively represent and sell Mindflow solutions, equipped with both knowledge and practical skills.

Who Is This For?

This certification is primarily aimed at partners who wish to step up as knowledgeable representatives of the Mindflow platform. It is perfect for those looking to boost their sales capabilities and product expertise.

Badge L3


Mindflow Professional Trainer

This program is crafted for those who have excelled in the initial stages and are now ready to impart their knowledge within their organizations. It’s a journey towards becoming an in-house Mindflow expert and a key training resource.

Training Session

Duration: Extensive advanced training sessions designed to cover all aspects of Mindflow’s capabilities.

Approach: A combination of detailed theoretical knowledge and practical application, focusing on teaching and application skills.


Completion of Level 1 & 2 certification. 

What Will You Learn?

In-Depth Platform Expertise: Attain a deep understanding of every nuance of Mindflow and its comprehensive features.

Automation Best Practices: Learn the most efficient and effective ways to implement automation strategies.

Industry Use Cases Mastery: Develop expertise in applying Mindflow to a variety of industry-specific scenarios.

Training Skills Development: Acquire the skills necessary to train and support others in using Mindflow effectively.

Assessment and Outcome

Task: Conduct a Mindflow bootcamp, under the supervision of a Customer Success Mindflow professional.

Result: Upon successful completion, become certified to provide in-house training and support for Mindflow, turning you into a pivotal asset for your organization.

Who Is This For?

This certification is is perfect for those who are ready to take on a leadership role in teaching and guiding their teams in the effective use of the Mindflow platform.

Embark on your automation journey with Mindflow

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Your Skillset

Elevate your automation expertise.

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Professional Recognition

Achieve recognized certifications that showcase your expertise and dedication in the field of automation.

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Community and Network Building

Connect with a community of automation professionals.

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