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Manage your cloud(s) environment(s) from a single platform to fully benefit from the availability, scalability, and reliability of the Cloud.

Mindflow interconnects cloud-native services provided by Cloud Service Providers — AWS, Azure, and GCP — through a unified interface that allows users to manage and orchestrate their different cloud services seamlessly and harness the uncomparable scalability capability.

Using Mindflow, organizations avoid vendor lock-in, reduce CloudOps complexity, and achieve better performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency to, ultimately, leverage the benefits of the cloud while avoiding the challenges of managing a single or a multiple cloud environment.

Put your cloud stack on steroids with automation, all-in-one platform.

Orchestrate your cloud.

Interconnect all your cloud services through Mindflow to build complete workflows from its interface. Mindflow provides connexions to every native services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Streamline your Cloud operations.

Reduce operational complexity.

Create, modify, and run workflows without the need for manual intervention through the cloud console or complex scripts, reduce the likelihood of errors, and minimize the time and effort required by CloudOps to manage these processes.

Handle workflows without code.

Manage a multi-cloud environment.

Mindflow provides integrations with the three main cloud service providers to enable users to manage and automate workflows across the environments to ensure consistency in the management of the resources and simplify the creation, deployment, maintenance, and compliance of assets in this complex environment.

Connect AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Achieve better visibility of your assets.

Users can take the full benefit of cloud computing without increasing the attack surface. As assets are deployed, keep a full visibility thanks to the ability to automate cloud asset monitoring and contextualisation.

Keep an eye on your cloud assets.

Connect your cloud to your tech stack.

Thanks to the exhaustive integration capabilities of the platform, interconnect your cloud services to your third party apps and manage automated workflows end-to-end. 

Create the perfect loop.

Use cases for CloudOps

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