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Colas Case Study

Automating Alert and Vulnerability Management for 30,000 users with a lean SOC team.

Colas' Challenges

In an environment where managing 500 security incidents every month became a major challenge, Colas faced significant difficulty in establishing a strong security posture. Colas’ incident response team needed a solution that could scale with their security infrastructure and existing tool stack.

Limited Team Bandwidth

Overwhelming volume of 500 monthly alerts for a 2-person team made addressing each one with required due diligence nearly impossible.

Lack of a Scalable Solution

With over 30,000 user accounts and up to 4,000 servers, Colas needed a solution that could adapt to the complexity of its operations.

Compartmentalized Approach

Colas' specialized team resulted in a compartmentalized approach to tool usage, hindering operational efficiency.

About Colas

Leading the way towards a sustainable world.

Since its foundation in 1929, Colas has solidified its position as a global construction and infrastructure leader. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Colas has grown into a powerhouse, employing thousands and leading the way in sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions.

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Colas's Key Workflows

Saving 1 day a week by automating 4 rules within 2 months.

Rules Automated by Colas

Detect senstive documents leaked on the web

To identify and address the unauthorized exposure of sensitive documents on the internet.

Web crawling with keywords

If a document or some internal data has been leaked. This rule would crawl the web using keywords to identify the potential data breach or leak.

Remediation in Mindflow for detected leaks

If the crawling detects documents on the web belonging to Colas, the flow sends an email to Colas’ legal team to remove the documents from the internet.

Find IPs that expose vulnerabilities

This rule identifies exposed IP addresses that may present security vulnerabilities for Colas’ users and infrastructure.

Mindflow's Impact on Colas

A lean incident response team automating security workflows at enterprise scale.

Efficient Alert Management

Colas team automated 4 critical rules, relieving the team from manual and repetitive tasks to focus on strategic cybersecurity projects.

SecOps Automation at Scale

Mindflow's extensive integrations enabled Colas to automate key workflows in its IT infrastructure of 30,000 users and 3,000-4,000 servers seamlessly.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Mindflow's no-code platform and tool orchestration simplified Colas' security workflows, enabling broader tool adoption and streamlined incident management.

"We were pretty impressed with Mindflow's user-friendly interface and the ease of integration with a wide variety of tools. This is pusshing us to continue on our journey to automate our cyber security operations."

Future of Automation at Colas

Colas implemented Mindflow without any complications, as it integrated smoothly into the company’s existing workflows without causing any disruption to employee tasks. Mindflow has already had a significant impact on Colas’ security operations, and the team is confident in its ability to automate 80-90 additional use cases within the next few months.

Looking ahead, Colas plans to expand its automation efforts further in the coming months, which marks an exciting phase in the future of automation at the company.

Improved Resilience

Colas plans to enhance it’s cyber resilience and readiness. Their goal is to automate security workflows that ensure even if all of Colas’ IT systems are compromised, their business operations remain unaffected.

Enhanced Ticketing

Establish and automate a better ticketing framework. Colas wants to document all tickets with the right resources.

Industrialize Remediation Workflows

Colas plans to streamline and standardize specific remediation actions, such as incorporating buttons on certain interfaces for common account actions (e.g., changing a password or blocking an account).

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