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Doctolib Case Study

Ensuring 100% Coverage of Growing Alerts for Stronger Cybersecurity Posture

Doctolib's Challenges

Doctolib, the European healthcare platform operational in four countries, faced challenges with a flood of daily security alerts and the complexities of managing over 300 SaaS tools. This not only overwhelmed their SOC team but also risked their compliance with stringent healthcare standards. Their rapid growth heightened these issues, demanding a scalable solution to maintain robust cybersecurity and ensure efficient healthcare service delivery.

Overwhelmed by Unaddressed Alerts

Managing and treating over 100 alerts daily became unfeasible, causing backlog and increased risk.

Inconsistent Alert Management

Alert handling varied among SOC team members, leading to inconsistencies and errors.

Stringent Compliance Demands

Adhering to strict compliance standards while ensuring top-tier security needed a robust approach to cybersecurity.

About Doctolib

The Rise of Doctolib

Pioneering a New Era in Digital Healthcare

Since its inception in 2013, Doctolib has been at the vanguard of digital healthcare transformation. From a bold startup to a 3000-strong workforce, Doctolib’s journey is a testament to innovation and dedication to accessible healthcare.

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Doctolib - Mindflow

Doctolib's Key Workflows

30+ automation Flows implemented within the first 6 months

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Made Simple

Doctolib’s adopted a proactive approach to Identity and Access Management workflows, automating access precisely and easily. With Mindflow, 3000+ users’ rights align seamlessly with roles, turning complex tasks into a streamlined, secure process. Efficiency and security go hand in hand.

Managing SIEM Alerts with Slack Efficiently​

Alerts are only as good as the response they trigger. Mindflow bridged this gap by funneling SIEM alerts directly into Doctolib’s Slack channels. Instant notifications, swift actions – a cybersecurity team’s dream realized.

Handling Movers' Permissions Seamlessly​

In a dynamic workforce, roles change, but security can’t lag. Mindflow automated the permission updates for Doctolib’s movers, ensuring access rights are always current, secure, and perfectly in sync with evolving roles.

Mindflow's Impact on Doctolib

A cybersecurity team operating at a whole new level of performance

100% Alerts Covered

Mindflow automated Doctolib's alert management workflows —processing of over 100 daily alerts. Reducing inconsistencies and errors.

Consistent Incident Response

Mindflow transformed Doctolib's diverse tool stack into a cohesive incident response system, ensuring consistency in incident management and communication.

Strengthened Compliance and Security

Doctolib elevated its compliance with demanding standards of healthcare industry, fortifying its security posture against evolving threats.

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