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Automate anything with 3DS Outscale Integrations

3DS Outscale offers secure, scalable Cloud Computing infrastructure services, emphasizing data sovereignty and security.


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3DS Outscale Integrations with Mindflow

Integrating 3DS Outscale with Mindflow’s no-code automation capabilities enhances efficiency and security for large organizations. This combination facilitates the orchestration of complex workflows, enabling rapid deployment of IT resources and streamlined operations, aligning with the strategic objectives of enhancing productivity and operational agility.

Automation Use Cases with 3DS Outscale Integration

1. Automated incident response mechanisms leveraging 3DS Outscale’s robust infrastructure to swiftly mitigate cybersecurity threats.

2. Infrastructure monitoring for proactive management of IT resources, ensuring optimal performance and availability.

3. Streamlined customer support workflows to enhance service quality and response times.

4. Efficient employee lifecycle management from onboarding to offboarding, significantly reducing manual HR processes.

About 3DS Outscale

What is 3DS Outscale?

3DS Outscale, a strategic arm of Dassault Systèmes, provides automated, scalable Cloud Computing infrastructure services designed to support complex IT projects. Leveraging TINA OS, outscale’s proprietary Cloud operating system developed on Open Source elements, it offers a highly configurable and automated infrastructure through APIs, compatible with services like Amazon EC2.

Value Proposition of 3DS Outscale

Outscale delivers an Enterprise Class Cloud at the forefront of technology with partners like Cisco, NetApp, Intel, and Nvidia, ensuring a high-performance, secure, and compliant cloud experience tailored to enterprise needs.

Who Uses 3DS Outscale?

Outscale caters to businesses requiring robust IT infrastructure for complex projects, emphasizing sectors with stringent data security and sovereignty requirements, such as the public sector, healthcare, and finance.

How 3DS Outscale Works?

The platform’s flexibility allows for extensive customization of Cloud servers, including processors, RAM, storage, and OS options. It supports a multi-cloud strategy through interoperability with AWS EC2TM and OpenStack, ensuring compliance with local regulations and the latest security standards.

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