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Automate anything with Cortex Xpanse Assets Integrations

Cortex Xpanse Assets dynamically identifies and secures internet-facing assets to mitigate cyber risks.


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Cortex Xpanse Assets Integrations with Mindflow

Integrating Cortex Xpanse Assets with Mindflow enhances security posture through automated workflow orchestration. This synergy allows real-time asset discovery data from Cortex Xpanse to trigger automated responses within Mindflow, streamlining incident response and compliance checks. Security teams benefit from reduced manual efforts, ensuring swift action on potential vulnerabilities and exposures identified by Cortex Xpanse and maintaining a robust security framework.

Automation Use Cases with Cortex Xpanse Assets Integration

1. Real-time Vulnerability Response: Automate the process of identifying and patching vulnerabilities in newly discovered assets by Cortex Xpanse, enhancing security defenses.

2. Compliance Enforcement: Trigger compliance checks and remediation workflows for assets outside policy parameters, maintaining regulatory standards.

3. Incident Investigation Automation: Initiate in-depth investigations and forensics on assets flagged by Cortex Xpanse for suspicious activities, reducing response times.

4. Asset Lifecycle Management: Orchestrate workflows for decommissioning, reconfiguring, or updating assets based on Cortex Xpanse findings, ensuring efficient asset management.

About Cortex Xpanse Assets

What is Cortex Xpanse Assets?

Cortex Xpanse Assets is a comprehensive solution providing organizations with complete visibility and control over their internet-facing assets. It automates the discovery and monitoring of digital assets, ensuring security teams can identify and mitigate risks in real time. Cortex Xpanse Assets uncovers exposed assets that could be potential entry points for cyber threats by scanning the global internet.

Value Proposition of Cortex Xpanse Assets

The core value of Cortex Xpanse Assets lies in its ability to extend security perimeters beyond traditional boundaries. In today’s distributed digital landscapes, enterprises must have an accurate inventory of all assets. Cortex Xpanse Assets delivers this by continuously discovering new and changed assets, enabling proactive risk management and enhancing the overall security posture.

Who Uses Cortex Xpanse Assets?

The primary users of Cortex Xpanse Assets include Security Operations Centers (SOCs), IT and cybersecurity teams, and compliance officers. These professionals rely on Cortex Xpanse Assets to maintain an up-to-date view of the organization’s digital footprint, ensuring that no asset goes unnoticed and unsecured.

How Cortex Xpanse Assets Works?

Cortex Xpanse Assets operates by continuously scanning the IPv4 address space, identifying assets associated with an organization, and evaluating their exposure to potential cyber threats. This active approach to asset management ensures that security teams can respond to vulnerabilities and exposures swiftly, minimizing the risk window for attackers.

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