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Automate anything with Fortra Agari Phishing Defense Integrations

Fortra Agari Phishing Defense is a cloud-native email security solution that uses AI and machine learning to block advanced email threats, ensuring comprehensive inbox protection.


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Fortra Agari Phishing Defense Integrations with Mindflow

Integrating Fortra Agari Phishing Defense with Mindflow’s no-code enterprise automation platform amplifies the efficiency and responsiveness of cybersecurity workflows. Mindflow’s advanced orchestration capabilities seamlessly incorporate Agari’s threat intelligence and remediation actions into broader security operations. This integration not only enhances the speed at which threats are identified and neutralized but also streamlines the overall management of email security, reducing the manual workload on security teams and ensuring a more resilient defense against sophisticated email-based attacks.

Automation Use Cases with Fortra Agari Phishing Defense Integration

1. Automated Incident Response: Integration with Mindflow enables real-time, automated response to phishing threats detected by Fortra Agari Phishing Defense, significantly reducing the time from detection to resolution.

2. Phishing Simulation and Training: Utilize Mindflow to orchestrate phishing simulation campaigns, leveraging insights from Agari to educate users and improve organizational resilience against attacks.

3. Threat Intelligence Sharing: Facilitate seamless sharing of threat intelligence between Agari and other security tools within the enterprise ecosystem through Mindflow, enhancing collective defense mechanisms.

4. Compliance Reporting: Automate the generation and distribution of compliance and security posture reports based on data from Agari Phishing Defense, ensuring stakeholders are informed of the organization’s security health.

About Fortra Agari Phishing Defense

What is Fortra Agari Phishing Defense?

At the heart of Agari Phishing Defense lies its advanced data science – a sophisticated system comprising machine learning models, Large Language Models (LLMs), and neural networks. These technologies collectively fine-tune the platform’s ability to discern and neutralize impersonation and social engineering tactics in malicious emails. Fortra’s dedication to innovation is evident through its continuous enhancement of data science capabilities, ensuring unparalleled protection against emerging threats.

Value Proposition of Fortra Agari Phishing Defense

Fortra Agari Phishing Defense transcends traditional email security measures by offering a solution that seamlessly integrates with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid email environments. This adaptability ensures that enterprises do not compromise security as they transition to more flexible cloud-based email systems. The solution’s API-enabled architecture facilitates swift deployment, ensuring minimal disruption to existing email workflows while enhancing the overall security posture.

Who Uses Fortra Agari Phishing Defense?

The platform caters to various industries, including financial institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organizations. Each sector benefits from tailored protection mechanisms that not only thwart impersonation attempts and phishing attacks but also significantly reduce the workload on Security Operations Centers (SOCs) by automating incident response and remediation processes.

How Fortra Agari Phishing Defense Works?

Fortra Agari Phishing Defense’s operational prowess is underpinned by its robust Continuous Detection and Response (CDR) engine. This engine utilizes the platform’s advanced data science and global threat intelligence to enforce dynamic, policy-based actions across all user inboxes. Whether quarantining suspicious emails or alerting security teams, CDR ensures that threats are swiftly neutralized, maintaining the integrity of the enterprise’s communication channels.

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