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Fortra Agari specializes in advanced email security solutions to protect against phishing and business email compromise.





Fortra Agari Integrations with Mindflow

Incorporating Fortra Agari into Mindflow’s platform revolutionizes email security automation. Fortra Agari’s expertise in thwarting email-based threats merges seamlessly with Mindflow’s orchestration prowess. This integration empowers SOC, SecOps, IT, and DevOps teams to automate critical email security processes efficiently. By leveraging Mindflow’s intuitive UI, teams can rapidly create workflows that respond to Fortra Agari’s alerts.

Mindflow’s no-code approach simplifies complex automation tasks. Teams without advanced programming skills can now implement robust email security measures. The platform’s unlimited integration capabilities allow seamless connection to communication channels, cloud providers, and specialized cybersecurity tools. This versatility ensures that Fortra Agari’s functionalities are extended and enhanced within a broader IT ecosystem.

Utilizing Mindflow, organizations can automate responses to phishing attempts, suspicious email activities, and other security incidents detected by Fortra Agari. This results in quicker incident response times, reducing potential damage. Mindflow’s comprehensive audit logs and credential management ensure that all actions taken are secure and traceable, aligning with the best practices in cybersecurity management.

The synergy between Fortra Agari and Mindflow marks a significant leap in automated email security, offering robust protection mechanisms that are both time-efficient and highly effective.

Automation Use Cases with Fortra Agari Integration

1. Phishing Attack Response: When Fortra Agari detects a phishing attempt, Mindflow triggers an automated workflow. This workflow isolates affected endpoints, alerts relevant teams, and initiates a threat analysis. The process ensures rapid containment and minimizes potential data breaches.

2. Compromised Account Management: In cases of suspected account compromise, Mindflow’s automation coordinates with Fortra Agari’s alerts to immediately suspend access, reset credentials, and notify the user and IT team. This prompt action prevents unauthorized access and maintains system integrity.

3. Real-Time Alert Analysis: Mindflow processes Fortra Agari’s real-time alerts, categorizing and prioritizing them based on severity. It then routes high-priority alerts for immediate attention, ensuring critical threats are addressed first and enhancing overall cybersecurity responsiveness.

4. Regulatory Compliance Reporting: Mindflow automates aggregating and reporting security incidents detected by Fortra Agari. This ensures compliance with cybersecurity regulations, as reports are generated and reviewed regularly, keeping track of all incidents and responses for audit purposes.

About Fortra Agari

What is Fortra Agari?

Fortra Agari provides cutting-edge email security solutions designed to protect organizations from phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC), and other email-based threats. Utilizing advanced technologies ensures the integrity and security of email communication within enterprises.

Value Proposition of Fortra Agari

Fortra Agari’s value lies in its sophisticated approach to email security. It employs advanced algorithms and threat intelligence to detect and prevent malicious email activities. This proactive defense mechanism is crucial in the current landscape, where email remains a primary vector for cyberattacks. Its ability to prevent impersonation and email fraud is particularly beneficial in safeguarding sensitive corporate information.

Who Uses Fortra Agari?

The primary users of Fortra Agari’s solutions are cybersecurity professionals, IT managers, and compliance officers within various organizations. These individuals rely on Fortra Agari to secure their email environments against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and to ensure compliance with various regulatory standards.

How Fortra Agari Works?

Fortra Agari employs advanced detection techniques to analyze email content and sender reputation. It uses machine learning and real-time threat intelligence to identify and block phishing attempts and other malicious emails. Additionally, its DMARC email authentication protocol helps prevent domain spoofing and email fraud, thus ensuring the authenticity of email communications.

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