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HostedScan offers automated, comprehensive vulnerability scanning solutions to enhance enterprise cybersecurity efficiently.





HostedScan Integrations with Mindflow

Integrating HostedScan with Mindflow’s automation platform transforms cybersecurity management. Mindflow’s no-code orchestration allows users to incorporate HostedScan’s vulnerability scanning into their existing workflows seamlessly. This integration facilitates real-time threat detection and response, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches.

By leveraging Mindflow, HostedScan users can automate the scheduling of scans, the aggregation of scan results, and the initiation of remediation processes based on predefined conditions. This streamlines security operations and ensures that vulnerabilities are addressed with minimal delay, enhancing overall security posture.

Mindflow’s comprehensive API support extends HostedScan’s capabilities, enabling connections with communication channels, ticketing systems, and cloud providers. This ensures that security insights are efficiently distributed across teams and systems, fostering a collaborative and proactive security environment.

Automation Use Cases with HostedScan Integration

1. Real-Time Threat Detection and Response: Integrating HostedScan with Mindflow enables enterprises to automate the detection of vulnerabilities across numerous endpoints. Automated workflows can immediately trigger alerts and initiate remediation processes, ensuring swift response to potential threats.

2. Scheduled Security Assessments: Organizations can leverage Mindflow to schedule regular HostedScan assessments, ensuring continuous digital infrastructure monitoring. This systematic approach helps maintain a robust security posture by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

3. Incident Management Integration: By connecting HostedScan with ticketing systems through Mindflow, enterprises can automate the creation of tickets for identified vulnerabilities. This seamless integration ensures that every detected issue is promptly logged, tracked, and resolved by the appropriate team.

4. Compliance Reporting: Automation capabilities allow for aggregating scan results into comprehensive reports. This assists in demonstrating compliance with various cybersecurity standards, making it easier for organizations to adhere to regulatory requirements and internal policies.

About HostedScan

What is HostedScan?

HostedScan is a leading cybersecurity service that provides automated vulnerability assessments. It leverages advanced scanning technologies to identify vulnerabilities across an organization’s digital infrastructure, ensuring that security gaps are promptly identified and addressed.

Value Proposition of HostedScan

The core value of HostedScan lies in its ability to automate complex security scans, significantly reducing the time and resources required for manual testing. HostedScan enables businesses to maintain high-security standards and comply with regulatory requirements by offering continuous and comprehensive scanning capabilities.

Who Uses HostedScan?

HostedScan is primarily utilized by Security Operations Centers (SOC), IT professionals, and DevOps teams. These users benefit from the platform’s no-code approach, allowing them to perform sophisticated scans without deep technical expertise.

How HostedScan Works?

HostedScan operates by conducting a series of automated scans across network services, web applications, and SSL/TLS configurations. Utilizing tools like NMAP for port scanning and OpenVAS for vulnerability detection, it thoroughly analyzes potential security threats, enabling organizations to fortify their defenses effectively.

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