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Automate anything with Pulsedive Integrations

Pulsedive is a community-driven threat intelligence platform consolidating global threat data and enriching indicators of compromise (IOCs).





Pulsedive Integrations with Mindflow

Mindflow, a state-of-the-art no-code enterprise automation platform, enhances the capabilities of Pulsedive. Integrating Pulsedive into Mindflow allows seamless orchestration with numerous cybersecurity, IT, and general vendor tools.

By harnessing Mindflow’s vast API integrations, Pulsedive can swiftly connect with communication channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams, ticketing systems like ServiceNow, cloud providers including AWS, and code repositories like Github. This integration streamlines incident response, infrastructure monitoring, and threat intelligence operations.

For Pulsedive, leveraging Mindflow’s intuitive UI means rapid workflow creation. SOC, SecOps, IT, and DevOps teams can automate processes, focusing on high-priority tasks. Mindflow’s conditional logic, data transformation, and comprehensive audit logs refine automation precision, ensuring that Pulsedive’s threat intelligence is used optimally.

Automation Use Cases with Pulsedive Integration

1. Rapid Incident Response: With Mindflow’s automation, Pulsedive’s threat intelligence integrates seamlessly with SOC and SecOps tools. Real-time alerts and correlated data from Pulsedive enable quicker decisions, ensuring swift counteractions against security incidents.

2. Comprehensive Endpoint Monitoring: Large organizations boasting multiple endpoints can harness Pulsedive’s vast threat intelligence. This data is orchestrated through Mindflow with IT management tools, ensuring each device stays updated with the latest threat landscapes.

3. Enhanced Threat Reporting: Pulsedive’s aggregated threat intelligence can automatically populate ticketing systems like ServiceNow or Jira. Mindflow ensures that relevant teams receive concise reports, promoting proactive threat mitigation strategies.

4. Streamlined Communication Workflow: Organizations receive real-time threat alerts by connecting Pulsedive to communication platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams via Mindflow. This ensures that key stakeholders are always informed, fostering collaborative cybersecurity efforts.

About Pulsedive

What is Pulsedive?

Pulsedive is a community-driven threat intelligence platform that aggregates global threat data and enriches IOCs to provide a unified cybersecurity view.

Pulsedive’s Value Proposition

Pulsedive consolidates threat information from various sources, eliminating the need to check multiple solutions. While it offers a free community tier, additional premium services enhance its functionality. The platform was designed based on feedback from IR analysts, security engineers, and threat researchers, ensuring its relevance in addressing common challenges.

Who uses Pulsedive?

Pulsedive caters to a wide audience, including IR analysts, threat researchers, and security engineers. Its features are tailored to meet the requirements of diverse cybersecurity roles.

How Pulsedive Works?

Pulsedive ingests vast amounts of IPs, domains, and URLs from global feeds and user submissions. Each indicator is then enriched. Passive scans extract data from WHOIS and DNS records. Active scans capture data like HTTP headers and SSL certificate details. The platform allows users to conduct scans without storing the IOCs, providing an option for those who prioritize privacy.

Scanning is both safe and efficient. Nodes situated globally ensure that there’s no direct link between Pulsedive and potentially malicious IOCs.

Data is transformed into searchable properties. Risk assessment is applied to every IOC based on multiple weighted factors. This systematic approach ensures the relevancy and actionability of each data point.

The platform encourages contributions from users globally. They can add threat information, rectify inaccuracies, and enrich the platform’s knowledge.

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