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Automate anything with Sekoia CTI Integrations

Sekoia CTI offers advanced cyber threat intelligence, enhancing security operations with actionable insights.


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Sekoia CTI Integrations with Mindflow

Integrating Sekoia CTI with Mindflow’s automation and orchestration capabilities enhances threat intelligence applications across security operations. This integration enables real-time threat detection by automating the ingestion and analysis of Sekoia’s intelligence feeds within Mindflow workflows. Security teams can create automated responses to identified threats, streamlining incident management processes. Furthermore, this collaboration allows for the customization of security alerts based on Sekoia’s indicators of compromise, ensuring that defenses are dynamically adjusted to evolving cyber threats. The result is a more resilient security posture, reduced response times, and increased operational efficiency.

Automation Use Cases with Sekoia CTI Integration

1. Automated Threat Detection: Leverage Sekoia CTI within Mindflow to automate the detection of new threats across all endpoints, enhancing real-time security responses.

2. Dynamic Incident Response: Utilize Mindflow to orchestrate automated incident response workflows based on Sekoia’s threat intelligence, minimizing the time from detection to resolution.

3. Enhanced Security Posture: Implement Mindflow workflows that automatically adjust security controls and policies in response to evolving threats identified by Sekoia CTI, ensuring robust defense mechanisms.

4. Streamlined Compliance Reporting: Use Mindflow to automate the generation of compliance reports by integrating Sekoia CTI insights, ensuring up-to-date documentation and adherence to regulatory standards.

About Sekoia CTI

What is Sekoia CTI?

Sekoia CTI is a cyber threat intelligence platform designed to provide in-depth analysis and insights into cyber threats and attacker groups. It facilitates the understanding and detection of cyber threats by offering a comprehensive vision of active and documented cyber threats alongside technical indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Value Proposition of Sekoia CTI

The platform stands out by offering actionable intelligence that is both global and contextualized, enabling organizations across various sectors to enhance their detection and hunting capabilities. Sekoia CTI’s intelligence is built on a “one-to-many” model, ensuring broad applicability and operational relevance.

Who Uses Sekoia CTI?

Targeted primarily at SOC analysts, security teams, and cybersecurity professionals, Sekoia CTI caters to those responsible for safeguarding digital assets and looking to leverage high-quality threat intelligence to inform their security operations.

How Sekoia CTI Works?

Utilizing the STIX 2.1 standard for threat intelligence modeling, Sekoia CTI allows for seamless integration and interoperability across various security systems. The platform’s comprehensive database includes millions of objects related to malicious activities, enriched by both exclusive and third-party sources for enhanced accuracy and relevance.

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