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Automate anything with Yubico Enterprise Integrations

Yubico Enterprise is a subscription service providing phishing-resistant MFA with YubiKeys for enhanced organizational security.


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Yubico Enterprise Integrations with Mindflow

Mindflow’s no-code automation platform enhances Yubico Enterprise’s security capabilities by streamlining the integration and management of YubiKeys within organizational workflows. This allows for automated provisioning, monitoring, and response to security incidents, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats while maintaining high operational efficiency.

Automation Use Cases with Yubico Enterprise Integration

1. Automating user onboarding and offboarding processes to assign or revoke YubiKey access, ensuring only current employees have system entry.

2. Integrating YubiKeys with incident response workflows to rapidly address security breaches, minimizing potential damage.

3. Managing YubiKey inventory and deployment across global offices through automated workflows, enhancing logistical efficiency.

4. Automating compliance reporting for access control and authentication, leveraging YubiKey usage data to meet industry standards.

About Yubico Enterprise

What is Yubico Enterprise?

Yubico Enterprise revolutionizes secure access in the modern workplace through its subscription-based model, YubiEnterprise Subscription. This program is designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses, offering a scalable and cost-efficient solution to secure digital assets and user identities. With Yubico Enterprise, organizations can equip their teams with YubiKeys, hardware security keys known for their robustness against phishing and other cyber threats.

Value Proposition of Yubico Enterprise

The subscription model offers financial flexibility, with costs comparable to a cup of coffee per user/month, allowing businesses of all sizes to adopt strong MFA solutions. It also provides a pool of replacement keys and technical support, ensuring continuous security compliance.

Who Uses Yubico Enterprise?

YubiEnterprise Subscription is ideal for enterprises with 500 or more users, spanning industries such as technology, government, education, healthcare, and finance. It supports diverse user environments, including remote and hybrid work setups.

How Yubico Enterprise Works?

Upon subscription, companies receive access to a web-based console for managing and distributing YubiKeys. This enables swift deployment and easy management of authentication devices across the organization, fostering a secure and efficient work environment.

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