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Enhance SecOps capabilities to counter workforce and qualifications structural issues through a no-code orchestration and automation platform.

The number of cyberattacks is soaring across every organizations. Understaffed and overworked, SecOps teams need a tool to orchestrate and automate the overall security stack, from detection to incident response. Unlike other tools we provide a real no-code experience with a drag and drop functional playbook editor. 

Free your teams from low-value and repetitive tasks.

Manage the noise to avoid alert fatigue.

Too many alerts across too many different tabs increase the analyst’s fatigue.

On a single platform, make your alerts as triggers to your playbooks. Extract the alert’s data and automate the enrichment phase to determine whether or not the alert is a true-positive.

Automate the triage of alerts on Mindflow.

Optimize talents and overcome shortages.

One of the biggest issues in SecOps teams world is the lack of qualified personnel. SecOps needs to evolve in a scarce paradigm although facing increasing threats.

Harnessing automation is a must. Still, legacy automation platforms or ad hoc automated workflows are complex. No-code is the only way SecOps will be able to solve the workforce issue.

Embrace a drag-and-drop, no-code solution: Less people do more.

From detection to response, automate your workflows.

Beyond the initial triage of alerts, SecOps teams can use templated playbooks or design their own end-to-end playbooks.

Gather and sublimate all your tech stack in one place. Drag-and-drop each service to create playbooks that fit your needs.

Build your playbooks and cover your whole security processes.

Learn to counter the overload of information.

Context is key. Accumulate data among tools and correlate to reduce risks. Automate repetitive tasks to free time for more human-needing tasks. Bring threat intelligence to better qualify and reduce risks. Enrich the data you are collecting.

Thanks to the automation of repetitive and manual tasks, help analysts focus on hunting. Enrich incidents by accumulating relevant data to investigate.

Simplify the advanced work for your teams.

Integration between every tools to break the silo effect.

SecOps teams have to manage increasing stacks of tools from different vendors, requiring a different set of skills. Fragmentation leads to silos which in turn increase risks.

Save time otherwise spent navigating among multiple tools. Stop the fragmentation. Unify orchestration and automate response.

One place to oversee and manage every tool.

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